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Time Magazine

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Time Magazine

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Get the inside scoop on the news affecting the nation and the world with TIME magazine. The magazine keeps you up-to-date, concise explanations on the political, social, and cultural happenings so that you'll have the knowledge you need. The magazine uses graphics to simplify the current issues and to show you the key political players' positions. Backed by extensive research, TIME magazine's interviews also provide first-hand information that gives you background on the issues at hand. In addition to news, it provides entertainment news featuring Music, movies, books, or travel. Get hold of the renowned publication Now

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Time magazine is ideal for classroom use as an educational resource. Topic that Time magazine covers on

  • Science
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Trends
  • Current Affairs
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • War
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Religion

Essay/ The Awesome column

  • Writing is an essential skill where we express ourselves and our thoughts. These professionals are able to express the impact of something new being introduced into our life beautifully.


Illustration for easy understanding

  • With illustrations from talented professionals, reading can be easy and relaxing even if we are reading on topics that we were never exposed to before.


Regular Features

  • WORLD – News for the week provides student with insights of what is happening in the world from education rights in Afghanistan to the latest scientific discoveries.
  • Health/ Economy Page/ Tech – TIME has this page under briefing where we are exposed to various topics such as Health, Economy, Technology, Business, Environment and many more.





  • Enhancing understanding and appreciation of face-based articles to aid in the ARGUMENTATIVE style of writing.
  • Improving language PROFICIENCY by developing skills in Comprehension, Listening, Speaking and Writing,
  • Encouraging relevant THINKING SKILLS (Creative, Critical, Deductive, Inductive and Analytical thinking)
  • Exposing students to a wide range of VOCABULARY and variety of stylistic devices necessary for writing.