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What is BBC Earth Magazine?

The BBC Earth Magazine is a bimonthly issue under the reputable BBC Earth Channel that features a series of opinion pieces and news articles surrounding the latest developments in SCIENCE, HISTORY and NATURE. On top of educating readers who are not well-versed in these topics, it also provides critical perspectives that inspire them to think more deeply about contentious issues.

The BBC Earth Magazine is thus HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for Secondary School students, as it empowers students to produce well-analysed essays and understand critical ideas conveyed in comprehension passages.


Why BBC Earth Magazine?

With excellent track records, awards winning titles and rave reviews among readers, BBC Earth has been in the Asia market for 10 years. It is established with strong BBC brand value and reputable for excellent factual programmes, special interest in SCIENCE, HISTORY and NATURE.

BBC Earth Magazine is content-driven, packed with fascinating and informative features by experts and illustrated with quality photography. There are TV Channels - BBC Global Channels and pay channels in Asia for the BBC Earth cable programme.

The award-winning BBC Earth Magazine is highly recommended for English reading programmes in Singapore schools, enables students to adopt the practice of reading widely and become well-equipped with the critical reading and writing skills required of them in the Cambridge GCE O/N-Level Examinations.



  • Enrich learning experience.
  • Strengthen students' command of the English language and their reading and writing skills
  • Comprises of different comprehension questions (e.g. inference, vocabulary, etc.) based on selected articles from the magazine
  • Essay questions provided
  • Can be easily integrated into classroom activities as they come with helpful exam tips and suggested answers

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2022 Readers Digest
2022 Readers Digest
Worksheet Description

To Acess readers Digest worksheet you would need to be subscript under JSIM education 

You can subscribe to readers Digest @

  1. Monthly titles with 12 issues per year.
  2. Cover Story: Monthly special articles and reports to broaden their minds and thoughts. The language is easier to understand and slowly help them develop a reading habit. They can consistently strengthen their command of English in terms of grammar and essay writing, because the contents of the articles will give them the ideas for essay writing.
  3. My Story: True personal stories beyond the call of life.
  4. Facts of Life: Answers to life’s little mysteries.

Why students need the magazine?

  1. To improve English language: Word Power
  2. Improve general knowledge: Trivia