Primary 2 Step-By-Step Maths - Revised Ed 

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Primary 2 Step-By-Step Maths - Revised Ed 

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Primary 2 Step-By-Step Maths - Revised Ed 

Whether pupils have been sufficiently taught and prepared for examinations is the major concern of teachers, parents and tutors. Step-By-Step Mathematics is a series of six specially designed
books that addresses this concern. It is written in strict accordance with the latest Primary Mathematics Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education and provides pupils with carefully graded exercises
to help them master basic concepts, skills and processes so necessary in solving routine and challenging problems, and so succeed in examinations.

The exercises in each topic are graded under different levels of difficulty. It is important and necessary that pupils successfully master the items in one level before attempting those in the higher level.

  • Drills (Basic Level)

Helps pupils master basic concepts, skills and processes.

  • Perform (Intermediate Level)

Builds on basic concepts, skills and processes to enable pupils to understand and solve routine problems.

  • Achieve (Advance Level)

Challenges and motivates pupils to delight in and succeed in Mathematics.

Trial Examinations are included to provide pupils with revision that reinforces and consolidates their learning.

This series promises to build a strong foundation in Mathematics. While it stretches their learning capacity, it also makes mastery of the subject manageable and enjoyable every step of the way.

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