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!nspire is akin to a ‘tonic’ to inspire lower-secondary students to love reading, and to be inspired to better themselves. The slew of interesting articles that cover a range of topics in each issue provide students with more than just entertainment, serving to tickle their intellectual curiosity and kindle a love for lifelong reading and learning.

Content in each issue include fiction and non-fiction articles on a range of topics like Gaia (environment), In Shape (sports and fitness), Sci-Tech (Science and Technology) and Strange Truths. We also have a cover story in each issue, which could be anything from an interview of a determined athlete who beat all odds to a true account of a man who lost his home in Typhoon Haiyan.
Regular features in every issue include Student’s Corner (published students’ essays, both as model and for tweaking), Bon Voyage (exotic travel experiences by our globe-trotting travel writer), A Leaf Out of a Book (an excerpt from a novel), Language Buzz (language games) and Workout (student worksheets). Fun facts and pictorial idioms dot our magazines too, injecting more fun in reading.

Accompanied by thought-provoking questions, word banks and sources for further reading or viewing (YouTube video links), !nspire strives to make every student more well-read and knowledgeable, and a better critical thinker.
Any student who is looking for inspiration to better himself, both emotionally and intellectually, would find !nspire indispensable.


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