5 Fun and Education Magazine for Kids 6-9 years old

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5 fun and educational magazines to check out this June Holidays!


5 fun and educational magazines to check out this June Holidays!

Jun 07, 2021

Written By: Taira

For many children, the June Holidays are a time to rest and relax after a long semester of hard work. However, with COVID-19 lurking, most of them will be spending their holidays cooped up indoors. Instead of letting your children play computer games or watch TV all day, why not sign them up for a magazine subscription? Reading a magazine is an excellent way for your child to pass their time – not only are children’s magazines packed with educational content to stimulate their young minds, but they also contain various puzzles and games that ensure learning remains fun and promise to keep your child engaged for hours!

With so many children’s magazines on the market, you might now be wondering which ones you should subscribe to! Read on for our recommendation for the top 5 fun and educational magazines you should check out this June Holiday.

All magazines mentioned below are available for subscription on our website!


1. Adventure Box!


Adventure Box


Adventure Box is a magazine targeted towards younger readers from ages 6-9. Each issue features an exciting, illustrated story, as well as other puzzles, games, and comics. Say ‘goodbye’ to boredom as your child is transported to faraway lands, all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re trying to cultivate good reading habits, Adventure Box is the perfect place to start: it’s the magazine that promises to get kids hooked on reading!


2. Discovery Box!


Discovery Box


Is your child the curious kind? Do they bombard you with endless questions about the world around them? We have the magazine just for you! Focusing on a different topic every month, Discovery Box provides fascinating facts about history, science, nature, and technology. The magazine also includes DIYs, experiments, puzzles, and comics that promise to keep learning fun and light-hearted. Discovery Box is the perfect magazine to quench your child’s thirst for knowledge!


3. National Geographic Kids!


Nat Geo Kids


If your child loves animals, consider checking out National Geographic Kids! Featuring breath-taking animal photography, Nat Geo Kids educates children on wildlife and nature in a fun yet informative way. Not only that, the magazine also promises to broaden your child’s horizons by teaching them about different countries and cultures around the world. The addition of games, puzzles, and jokes keeps learning fun while also ensuring children are able to retain information.


4. News Bites!


News Bites


If you’ve been trying to get your child interested in current affairs, News Bites is just for you! A newspaper written especially for children, each issue covers a wide range of news and current affairs – from sports and lifestyle to world news. News Bites promises to keep your child up to date with the happenings of the world while ensuring that they have fun throughout the reading process.


5. Highlights!




Highlights magazine is a classic well-loved children’s magazine, first published in 1964. If you’re looking for a magazine with a wider range of topics, look no further! Highlights magazine publishes both non-fictional articles as well as fictional stories, aiming to keep children engaged and encourage a love for reading. The magazine also features a wide array of games and puzzles, ranging from crosswords and word searches to fun riddles, as well as science experiments and other craft projects. Highlights magazine promises a fun learning experience for any child!