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Magazine for teenagers

A National Geographic magazine subscription delivers adventure; a truly breath taking glimpse into the wild and wonderful nature of the world around us. From the idiosyncrasies of far-flung countries and cultures to astonishing discoveries under the microscope, National Geographic harnesses powerful, award-winning photography with captivating features for the aspiring adventurer in us all.


1 Year 12 Issue 


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  • Photographs posted along with short description.
  • Focus on interesting facts about topics such as Culture, Wildlife, Technology, etc.
  • Pull-out Maps
  • Features Stories such as Environment, Medical, Food, History & Space, etc.
  • Classroom Discussion – This is another regular feature on National Geographic. The photographer will give us their insights on how this moment was captured on camera under different situations. This feature has many discussion points and is therefore ideal for classroom discussion. Once again, we can be overwhelmed by the photograph featured in National Geographic. The picture is taken from the past so that we can have a feel of what is it like between the present and the past. This feature also has many discussion points and is therefore ideal for classroom discussion.

Why Students need NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine?

  • Strives to educate each generation on the importance of conserving the planet by capturing the beauties and mysteries of the planet.
  • Improve general knowledge from all aspects of life and help students develop of love for reading by introducing interesting articles through NATURE/ SCIENCE.


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