Big Cats and African WildLife

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Big Cats and African WildLife

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Tread carefully into the treacherous world of big cats, stare into the yellow eyes of a killer as we track incredible predators like the Siberian tiger, the ultra rare Birnean bay cat, and the enigmatic black panther. We travel from the snowy mountains of Central Asia, to urban areas of Northern America, to tropical rainforests of the Amazon to discover what goes bump in the night, with beautiful illustrations and photography of the most elusive members of the big cat family. In the second part we take you to the heart of Africa on a safari to meet the most iconic creatures, from the flamboyant flamingo to the regal rhino. We even unveil the secrets to the ultimate trip to Kenya to get up close and personal with these animals yourself.

ISBN: 9781785462580


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Over 750 animals inside

Let the great felines of the world surprise you with their amazing versatility and strength, from the iconic Siberian tiger to the shy and rarely seen Bornean Bay Cat. Discover how these predators stay at the top of their food chain in Northern America, Asia, African plains and Spanish forests. If that isn't enough, we go in to meet the lion's neighbours in the African Wildlife section, getting closer to rhinos, zebras, gazelles and hyenas. Featuring:
Iconic Big Cats - Meet the most famous big cats of the world, from the famous tiger and iconic lion, and discover the beauty of some of the most beloved wild animals
Rare big cats - Go deep into jungles and high up into mountains to find some of the rarest and most endangered cats known to man - including the Bornean Bay Cat, of which only 12 cats have ever been found
African Wildlife - The legendary continent with some of the greatest fauna on the planet is unearthed in this section
Amazing imagery - See the photography that took tremendous courage to capture - from up close portraits of ferocious hyenas to stalker shots of the shy Iberian lynx